Training Programme Courses/Costs

  1. Module One – Cluster Training
  2. Module Two – Shea Production Training
  3. Module Three – Formulation Training
  4. Module Four – Eco-Innovation  Training

See details below PDF  documents of training modules sample:


Duration   –   Each Course Session is Seven hours daily
Five hours class work and two hours practical daily.

Tea   break and lunch available and included
N.B: See details of attached  7 – Weeks Training programme outline

Each Day costs:               N30,000.00   +  VAT Inclusive
All   four Days costs        N100,000.00  +  VAT Inclusive

Payments includes   writing materials and light refreshment during training.

Each training class registration is 50 participants minimum


Shea Parkland Natural resources management for Shea belt Sahel Africa


Plate  1.   Shea Parkland Management by Air Tractor                ARATI Biopesticde Products brands


Source:  Ayodele Otaiku   GSA Ghana   2016

Plate   2.  Enhancing Farm Value Shea Based Organic Fertilizer’s Impact on Crop Cultivation Presentation, March, 22, 2016

Source: Ayodele Otaiku , GSA (Abuja) 2013

Plate  3. Shea zero waste management: Shea nut drying machine and biofertilizer produced from Shea   waste for  Shea tree domestication and  eco-agriculture presentation

Parasitic Larvae; Cirina butyrospermi

Source: Ayodele Otaiku, 2017 GSA Benin Presentation March 13th, 2017

Plate   4. Shea Biopesticide  to treat invested Shea tree for sustainability