The development of resilience economy – understanding the information to create sustains profits in an adaptive cycle without diminishing return. Knowledgepreneurship re-define the meaning of information technology as an enabler, produces information rather than data using pervasive computing and internet of things (IoTs), resulting knowledge driven-economy and collaborative economy. Our management innovation laboratory, invention Xchange®, where researchers and practitioners come together to develop new practices in partnership with  “open innovation”-working with a wider network of partners in their industry using . They are not afraid to collaborate both up and down the value chain, capturing and sharing ideas with customers, suppliers, distributors, scientists and countless others. Such open innovation allows companies to:


  • Speed the development of new products and services and thus increase revenues and market share;
  • Shorten time to market or new products and services and accelerate profits;
  • Reduce direct spending on Research  & Development; and
  • Improve the success rate of new products and services.


Knowledgeprenuer is the possession of knowledge and applied experience of foresight for the creation of value and sustainable profits. It is the synthesis of ideas, capital and talents for the development and sustainability of 21st century economy (knowledge economy), which is the core foresight technology. It entails a huge investment flows into human capital as well as information technology. Knowledge is the integral function of intellectual capital and primarily a navigational tool of the future. Intellectual capital is the possession of the knowledge, applied experience, organisational technology, customer relationships and professional skills that provide products & services, with a competitive edge in the market to create the knowledge economy. The new source of wealth is not material; it is information and platform thinking (, knowledge applied to work to create value. Foresight technology is the ability to make informed projections with the competitive advantages of the knowledgepreneur ®.