Innovation Management

HUETZ Research is a catalyst for facilitating innovative thinking using technique called resilience innovation.  Derived from the capacity for any human endeavour to continually adapt to change and create sustainable value with focus on anticipatory responders (firms, institutions, and military, etcs) in adaptive cycle of how it responds to a changing world to always deliver value. Our innovation management solutions are customized on request based on our research competence listed above. We deploy our innovation management using


Management innovation involves the introduction of novelty in an established organization, and as such it represents a particular form of organizational change. In its broadest sense, then, management innovation can be defined as a difference in the form, quality, or state over time of the management activities in an organization, where the change is a novel or unprecedented departure from the past.  Our framework focuses on three Pillars of Innovation: Competency, Strategy and Management. One is for academics to become more creative in the development of new ideas and thought experiments that organizations might put into practice.


Another is to become more engaged in the activity we call “idea testing,” whereby the academic engages   closely with the focal organization and brings his or her insight to bear on the particular problem the organization is grappling with. This concept of engaged scholarship has a long history, but its legitimacy as a valid form of scholarship has faltered in recent decades.