Equipment Designs and Development

  1. Shea Nut Drying Machine
    Processing/Storage: Each machine designed and developed below will produce minimum (20 metric ton weekly) dried Shea nut. Women and youth will be engaged in the processing of the nut with the capacity of 240 Metric Ton yearly (minimum). Packaging/Branding: packaging the nut and butter is to suit international standard for export and local consumption.

Dimension :  Length x breadth = 5 feet  by  5 feet, Height = 3  feet.

Blower =  3.5 horse Power,  Burner 1.2 horse Power

ARATIShea ® located in Lagos, Nigeria delivers comprehensive Shea services ranging from Shea nut/butter, Shea supply, Shea research, Shea Laboratory services, Shea cosmetics and also Shea Finance. ARATIShea® provides research, production, sales marketplace for clientele all over the world in Shea nut and butter business and other agro-allied export produce in Africa.. We combine agricultural and forestry technologies to create more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy and sustainable land-use systems using OBD-Biofertilizer (OBD-Plus).®



  1. Biofertilizer Production Machine
    Project: NESREA Biofertilizer Plant
    Product Name: Riv-Biofertilizer Plant
    Duration: Six Months, 2012
    Location: Port Harcourt , Rivers State, Nigeria.
    Lead Consultant: Ayodele A. Otaiku     Mobile +234 803 3721 219
    Technology: OBD-Plus Technology (Environmental/Agriculture Biotechnology) Patent.


Project: Gateway  Organic Biofertilizer Plant
Product Name:  Gateway  Organic fertilizer (OBD-Biofertilizer)
Duration: Eight Months, 2009
Location: Abeokuta , Ogun State, Nigeria.
Lead Consultant:  Ayodele A. Otaiku     Mobile +234 803 3721 219 (ARATIBIOTECH Limited)
Technology:  OBD-Plus Technology (Environmental/Agriculture Biotechnology) Patent.