Service science is emerging as a distinct field. Its vision is to discover the underlying logic of complex service systems and to establish a common language and shared frameworks for service innovation. It is trans-disciplinary approach adopted for research and education on service systems. Service is the application of competence for the benefit of another entity. Service involves at least two entities, one applying competence and another integrating the applied competences with other resources and determining benefit (value co-creation), a win-win  outcomes when entities interact (people, businesses, governments). Service systems are value co-creation configurations of people, technology; internal and external service systems connected by value propositions, and shared information (such as language, laws, measures, models, etc.). It enable graduates from various disciplines to become T-shaped professionals or adaptive innovators; and develop appropriate organisational arrangements to enhance industry-academic collaboration; work with stakeholders to include sustainability measures; It make public service systems more comprehensive and citizen-responsive; encourage public hearings, workshops and briefings with other stakeholders to develop service innovation roadmaps. It service science co-creation of my doctoral thesis makes commercialization of the outcomes of the research outcomes external validated for market driven production.

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