About Us

Many of tomorrow’s breakthroughs will occur at the intersections of diverse disciplines.


Our modus operandi is multi-disciplinary innovation, service science, sustainability management and products development company. We provide turnkey solutions of how organization will manage sustainability related challenges from scarcity to customer demands for healthier products with innovations that create business value. Africa economies gradually has to become able to produce its own technologies and innovations, and thus; transit towards developed country status, focusing on its competitive advantages, identified markets, risk assessment.


Huetz research help bridge the valley of death scenarios where inventors / entrepreneur/ institutions  fail at the trajectory of  how convert research-to-products using innovation toolkit called enterprise innovation (entrevator ®) framework that help manage the convergence of  government/academia/industry dichotomy. Huetz research helps turn invention into innovation through mentorship, incubation, innovation ecosystems and service science (value co-creation) empirically tested to create knowledge-driven economy.


Research: Develop an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach to service research; build bridges between disciplines through grand research challenges; establish service system and value proposition as foundational concepts.


Business: Develop appropriate organisational arrangements to enhance industry-academic collaboration; work with stakeholders to include sustainability measures.


Government: Develop relevant measurements and reliable data on knowledge- intensive service activities; make public service systems more comprehensive and citizen-responsive; encourage public hearings, workshops and briefings with other stakeholders to develop service innovation roadmaps.


Military: Knowledge management for rational methods of planning, decision-making and problem solving supported by ready access to sources of reliable data. Development of scenario war systems and cyber-security and electronic strategy for control, command, communication and information systems in the era hybrid  warfare ubiquitous technology and globalization.